Déjà Vu Essay. Self-Evaluation and Revision

No, you don’t get to write an essay about experiencing the strange phenomenon of déjà vu. You do, however, get to revisit an essay you wrote during the first week of class—a different sort of essay revision.

Follow instructions carefully!

1. WITHOUT WRITING ON IT, read your “Diagnostic Essay” very carefully.

2. Write a paragraph in response to your original essay. (Was it well-written? What could be better? Has your opinion on the issue changed?)

3. Reread your essay, and with a different pen or pencil, mark any changes you think should be made.

Then, briefly discuss each of the following with regard to your personal essay:

o Organization

o Introduction and thesis statement

o Conclusion

o Compelling support (body)

o Use of examples in body

o Transitions

o Wordiness

o Punctuation, Spelling, Mechanics

o Sentence Variety

o Interesting title

4. Rewrite your essay by addressing any problems mentioned above and by making at least one significant change, such as the following:

Add 3-4 examples to the body
Add another point of support (another body paragraph)
Significantly rewrite the introduction or conclusion
Specifically refute the opposition’s view for each point