Four Corners of Awareness

Four Corners Activity (30 Minutes):
Teacher Preparation: Make sure there is plenty of space in your room so that students can gather in one of four “corners” (if a corner isn’t free, use an empty space near a wall. The middle of the classroom will work as well).
– Label each corner with the following: AGREE, SOMEWHAT AGREE, DISAGREE, SOMEWHAT DISAGREE.
– The teacher should have a timer ready to monitor discussion length.
– The teacher should display the next four slides on an overhead or PowerPoint presentation. Each slide has a central question/statement.

▪ Four Corners Activity Continued… (30 Minutes):
Directions for Students: Tell students that they are to carefully read the statement or question on the slide, and after thoughtful consideration, should move to the “corner” that best represents their opinion. After everyone has relocated, each corner group will have a few minutes to discuss their answers.

Then, they must designate one speaker from each group to represent the group’s “position” as a whole.

– Each speaker will have a chance to present the group’s position, and then the other group speakers will have a chance to react to what was said and to give their own group’s opinion.

– * I suggest using debate terms including claims, reasons, evidence, justification, refute, qualify, pro, con, and counterclaims. Using these terms adds a sense of formality to the discussion.

I am not afraid of failure, because I know that it means I am learning and growing.