Guiding Students Towards their Best Life

Goals of this Unit

▪ Help Students Discover their Character Strengths Survey
▪ Guide Students through a Self-Reflection and Brainstorm Session
▪ Synthesize the Character Strength Survey, Video, and Reflection in a Narrative Essay that makes a strong claim about a possible life path
▪ Final Essay must Achieve the Following:
– Correct MLA Formatting
– Thorough Claims, Reasons, and Evidence
– A Clear Synthesis of all Materials Covered in the Unit, with References and Citations

Assignment Purpose

▪ To use self-motivation and self-awareness as a driving force behind authentic writing.
▪ When students feel that they are not “good” at a subject, they often give up. This assignment will help students understand that if they shift their belief system about school and achievement, they can unlock endless potential within themselves.
▪ Because this essay centers on the students and their ultimate happiness, the end product is heartfelt and purposeful; therefore, it serves as an effective and meaningful springboard into authentic writing.