NY Times’ Advice for Netanyahu Reflects its Naïveté
By Don Feder
Friday March 27, 2009

An editorial in today’s New York Times is further evidence of the paper’s pronounced anti-Israel bias and extreme naïveté on Middle East policy.

The Times presumes to advise Israel’s incoming prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, on what he must do to earn the “trust” of the Palestinians. Of course, The Times couldn’t imagine the need for the Palestinians to do anything to earn Israel’s trust — like not firing rocket at Israeli settlements, ceasing collusion with Iran and Syria, not calling for the destruction of Israel or ending anti-Semitic agitation in its media.

The Times is skeptical about Netanyahu’s promise to “negotiate with the Palestinian Authority for peace.” Israel’s next leader (who the paper describes as “a hard-liner with deep misgivings about the very peace process he now claims to be willing to embrace”) needs to make concrete moves to demonstrate his sincerity, The Times intones.

Its “suggestions” for Netanyahu could have come directly from Hamas headquarters. They include: 1. freezing what it calls “Jewish settlements” in the West Bank, 2. lifting roadblocks between Palestinian cities “not needed for security” (the paper supposes many are there for fun), 3. doing nothing to impede the formation of a Hamas/Fatah coalition government, and 4. “recognize that the United States has its own interests in diplomacy with Syria, Iran and the Palestinians.” In other words, don’t complain when the Obama administration stands idly by while terror states acquire nuclear weapons.

Is The Times sure it wouldn’t also like Netanyahu to change Israel’s flag from a Star of David to a crescent, and erect a memorial to Yasser Arafat in Tel Aviv?

Even for the most reality-deficient newspaper in America, it’s astounding that after a decade of suicide bombings, rocket attacks, and support for Saddam Hussein, Bashar Assad and Iran, The Times still thinks the Palestinians are interested in peace with Israel — at any time and under any conditions.

Netanyahu should take advice from Ramallah, Damascus or Tehran before he listens to The New York Times regarding the so-called peace process.

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