NY Times Attacks Border Security
By Don Feder
Wednesday October 22, 2008

In a story in today’s New York Times, the paper once again goes to bat for illegal immigration – this time by attacking a border fence in Friendship Park near San Diego.

Formerly, the Park “stood out as a spot where international neighbors [i.e., Mexicans in Mexico and Mexicans residing in the United States] can chat easily over the fence,” The Times gushes.

But now, the once-tattered chain-link fence is being replaced with a more formidable barrier, making it harder for cross-border socializing – a tragedy of unparalleled proportions, from The Times’ perspective.

Typically, The Times quotes one individual who favors the new fence (the chief Border Patrol agent in San Diego, who notes it will make drug-smuggling harder). Everyone else mentioned in the article – the district’s Congressman, a Methodist minister and four Hispanics – thinks it’s an offense against multiculturalism, if not a human-rights violation.

The story is an extension of The Times’ front-page editoralizing on the mass rallies held by illegal aliens and their supporters, when an amnesty bill was last before Congress – which The Times routinely referred to as “immigration reform.”

In its alleged coverage of the illegal immigration crisis, The Times never considers:

  1. The number of illegal aliens already here – an estimated 10-12 million (with an additional half-million coming every year) – or their impact on society.
  2. The Americans who are losing jobs to cheap immigrant labor. In a 1996 study, a Rice University economist estimated that illegal aliens were then displacing 730,000 American workers a year.
  3. The costs to taxpayer for welfare, emergency medical services, education, law enforcement and incarceration for “undocumented workers” and their dependents – pegged at more than $45 billion annually.
  4. The opportunities for terrorists to spend some time in Mexico, learn Spanish and infiltrate our borders.

Instead, The New York Times gives its readers touchy-feely goo about an obstacle to “international neighbors” chatting easily – and exchanging kisses, caresses and tamales.

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