NY Times Contemptible Coverage of Veep Debate
By Don Feder
Monday October 6, 2008

In coverage of the recent vice-presidential debate, The New York Times took a double-barrel approach – condescension on the news pages combined with sneering elitism on the editorial page.

  • In an October 3 story, The Times said Gov. Palin “used a steady grin, folksy manner and carefully scripted talking points.” In other words, she’s a Stepford Wife candidate – a hick, who’s unable communicate without being fed “talking points.”
  • In its alleged news coverage, The Times called Palin’s performance “unusual theater” and stressed her use of phrases like “heck of a lot” and “Main-Streeters like me” to appeal to middle-class voters. Understandably, The Times has never cast a critical eye on the speaking style of Senator Ted Kennedy, who has difficulty putting a sentence together without a string of “uhs,” unless he’s reading from a teleprompter.
  • Its editorial on the debate was an extension of the news story, but without any pretense of objectivity. The editorial charged that after “a series of stumbling interviews that raised serious doubts even among conservatives about her ability to serve as vice president (The Times doesn’t mention who these conservatives are), Palin “never really got beyond talking points (there they go again) in 90 minutes, mostly repeating clichés and tired attack lines and energetically refusing to answer far too many questions.” For The Times, anything that isn’t leftist dogma is clichéd.
  • By contrast, the Associated Press (also part of the establishment media) reported that “Under intense scrutiny, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin stood her ground Thursday night against vastly more experienced Joe Biden.”
  • Palin represents everything The New York Times despises. She’s a pro-life, Bible-believing Christian and Lifetime NRA member who champions lower taxes and less government. Thus The Times usual contempt for conservative candidates rises to a crescendo of loathing in coverage of Palin, both in front-page editorials (“news stories”) and opinion pieces.
  • That The New York Times considers tired, rumpled Joe Biden – who’s been in office since Palin was in grade-school – a stellar debater (when he isn’t plagiarizing British politicians or talking about FDR giving a televised address on the Great Depression in 1929!) makes its bias too obvious to ignore.

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