NY Times Engages in Camelot Worship
By Don Feder
Wednesday December 17, 2008

Who’s qualified to hold high political office? According to The New York Times, that depends on whether you’re a Kennedy or a mere mortal.

A December 16 news story, “Caroline Kennedy Is Seeking Seat Held by Clinton,” couldn’t have been more fawning if it was written by a public relations firm.

In terms of breathless wonder, The Times revealed that Ms. Kennedy, “the deeply private daughter of America’s most storied political dynasty, will seek the United States Senate seat in New York being vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton” (emphasis added). David Paterson, who became Governor of New York when his predecessor resigned in disgrace, will make a two-year appointment to fill that vacancy.

With her uncle Ted (the senior Senator from Massachusetts) suffering from terminal brain cancer, we were told that the Kennedy clan had to contemplate the daunting possibility that the Senate “could be left without a Kennedy for the first time in half a century” — which The Times counts a tragedy of unparalleled magnitude.

In a gooey, gushing story of several thousand words, the paper forgot to tell us the most important detail — that the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy has absolutely no qualifications (none, nada, zilch).

She’s never held public office, elective or appointive. She’s never run for political office, including state legislature, city council or dog-catcher. Her positions on most issues are unknown.

But for The Times, the mere fact that she’s a Kennedy — the holy family of the American left — makes her eminently qualified to hold any office in the land.

In the past campaign, The Times expressed outrage that someone with Sarah Palin’s background¬† (ex-mayor, Alaska Governor for two years) could become the Vice President of the United States, an office with no intrinsic power. Yet it’s entirely sanguine about Ms. Kennedy becoming a member of the world’s most powerful club, based on an accident of birth.

Perhaps two or three Senate seats should be designated Kennedy seats, to be held by the Clan in perpetuity. Don’t say it too loudly, or The New York Times might begin pushing the notion in editorials and news stories.

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