NY Times Omits Significant Details from West Bank Coverage
By Don Feder
Friday December 5, 2008

What’s the only time The New York Times compliments Israeli police or military? Answer: When they’re beating up on other Israelis.

Thus a story in today’s paper concerns the removal of what The Times calls “200 hard-line Jewish settlers” from Hebron. FYI, as far as The Times is concerned, all Jewish inhabitants of land claimed by the Palestinians are hard-line settlers.

The “settlers,” in Judaism’s second holiest city, were evicted by 600 Israeli soldiers and policemen. The Times reported that the operation was carried out “with stealth and efficiency.” Try to imagine The New York Times giving the Israeli military kudos for an operation against Hamas or the Al-Asqa Martyrs Brigade. Then again, the paper believes that “Jewish settlers,” not terrorists, are the real obstacle to peace.

Not related to the rest of the story, the last paragraph reported the Israeli government had partially lifted a 4-week-old blockade of Gaza, allowing journalists and aid workers to enter.

The article noted that Gaza is ruled by “the militant group Hamas” (try terrorists). It said the blockade “severely limits goods and people from going in and out of Gaza.” It neglected to mention any cause for the blockade. Did someone in Jerusalem wake up one morning and say, “Hey, let’s severely limit goods and people from going in and out of Gaza!”?

Not that The New York Times considers it worth covering, but since Jewish communities were uprooted from Gaza two years ago, Israeli towns and cities in the Negev have been under almost constant rocket attack by the military wing of Islamic Jihad – Hamas’ first cousin.

Last February, an 8-year-old boy lost a leg in a rocket attack on Ashkelon, a city of 120,000. On November 14, Sderot, which has nearly been depopulated, was hit by 11 Qassam rockets and Ashkelon by six. Since August, 2005, 7,202 rockets have fallen on Sderot.

The New York Times considers the ongoing bombardment of the Negev irrelevant – unlike a blockade of Gaza or uprooting Jewish residents of Hebron. Can we say “agenda-driven coverage”?

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