NY Times’ Queen Of Liberal Mean “Exposes” A Luxury Spa
By Don Feder
Wednesday January 21, 2009

Columnist Maureen Dowd is The New York Times’ Queen of Liberal Mean. (Frank Rich is her royal consort.)

Dowd is forever whining about how Republican fiscal policies devastate the poor — and, as president, George W. Bush was Marie Antoinette telling welfare mothers to eat petit fours.

But within days of The Times ordering its newsroom staff to hold the line on expenses (individual lunches not to exceed $50 and no seeking reimbursement for “entertaining” co-workers), Dowd did a travel column on several days spent at a swank Miami Beach resort getting massages and detoxifying body-wraps, while quaffing expensive vintages.

At the 70,000-square-foot Canyon Ranch (“where body meets soul”), the cheap rooms go for $350 a night, and suites start at $1,000.

Dowd also had dinner with her bud, Miami’s chief of police. Chances are they didn’t dine at McDonald’s. (Actually it was a private club — the kind where the menus don’t have prices.)

How does lefty, feel-your-pain Dowd justify such extravagance? That’s easy. She told readers she was there to find out if the rich were experiencing “spa-guilt” during a recession.

What a great rationalization!

When John Edwards was collecting $50,000 fees for speeches on fighting poverty, he was probably trying to determine if liberal ex-Senators — who made millions as tort lawyers — had conscience-pangs about exploiting the downtrodden.

The New York Times is the citadel of liberal hypocrisy and Dowd is the chatelaine. Wouldn’t it be fun if Maureen released her tax returns so we could see how much she gives to charity each year?

The Times weeps for the underclass and demands more spending to alleviate their plight, while sending its staff writers to spas that cater to movie stars and trust-fund babies. Can’t wait to see The Times’ editorial on the need for a federal program to provide the homeless with massages and body wraps.

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