President Obama Doesn’t Need A Press Secretary; He Has The New York Times
By Don Feder
Monday January 19, 2009

The New York Times is making a smooth transition from cheerleader-in-chief for candidate Obama to cheerleader-in-chief for President Obama.

Once again touting one of its own polls, a story in yesterday’s Times finds that confidence in Obama is sky-high (79% are “optimistic” about what the president-elect will accomplish over the next four years).

At the same time (again according to the Times survey) most are willing to give Obama years to solve the daunting problems confronting America — including economic reform, health care and ending the war in Iraq.

Isn’t it convenient the way the findings of New York Times polls often mirror the paper’s editorial philosophy?

The Times wants us all to be euphoric about the prospects of the incoming administration, but willing to give our 44th President years (if not decades) to achieve even a fraction of what he promised during the campaign.

In other words, The Times wants us to put our critical faculties in a blind trust for the next four years.

To emphasize the questionable findings of its poll, the paper included man-on-the-street quotes. Phyllis Harden of Easley, S.C. noted, “Obama is not a miracle worker, but I am very optimistic, I really am.”

In a way, this is non-news. Every incoming president is washed into office on a tidal wave of good will. It’s easy — and comforting — to have confidence in a man who hasn’t actually done anything yet — especially when the media has spent the last two years telling us this man is the Moses destined to lead us to the promised land of balanced budgets, low unemployment and universal peace.

Based on its track record, rest assured that no matter what the next four years hold in store — a stagnant economy, higher unemployment, a worsening energy situation, increased acts of terrorism — The New York Times will remain supremely confident in Obama’s abilities, and willing to judge him on the basis of intentions rather than results.

Obama doesn’t need a press secretary — not as long as The New York Times is in business.

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