Said Ali Al-Shihri Got His Job Through The New York Times
By Don Feder
Monday January 26, 2009

The Times used to promote its help-wanted ads with a campaign called “I Got My Job Through The New York Times.”

If it ever resurrects the campaign, the paper should use Said Ali al-Shihri, a former Guantanamo detainee, now a leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Al-Shihri was released to Saudi Arabia in 2007, where he went through a so-called rehabilitation program.

Apparently he’s had a relapse. As The Times noted in a news story last week, al-Shihri has resurfaced in Yemen, where he’s helping to run the local al-Qaeda franchise.

Among other acts of terrorism, al-Shihri is suspected of involvement in the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Sana, Yemen’s capital, last September.

The Pentagon reports that dozens of those released from Guantanamo have “returned to the fight.” The Times says the claim “has been met with skepticism” — in other words, the paper doesn’t want it to be true.

The Times spent years hectoring the Bush administration about the un-constitutionality of incarcerating terrorists in Guantanamo — as if the Constitution applies to non-Americans who are plotting to kill Americans.

For six years, we’ve been treated to lurid tales of torture and ill-treatment at the Cuban facility. Were the poor dears properly Mirandized when they were scooped up? Are they getting enough exercise and access to ACLU lawyers?

Now that the man The Times helped propel to the White House has ordered the closing of Guantanamo’s jihadist prison, the paper is in ecstasy.

But what to do with the rest of Guantanamo’s inmates — release them to the Saudis for R and R before they rejoin the war on Western Civilization? Put them in the U.S. prison population, where they’ll have an opportunity to recruit for jihad among those with proven violent and anti-social tendencies?

Here’s a thought: since The New York Times is desperate for cash, Washington could pay the Gray Lady to house former Guantanamo detainees in its Manhattan headquarters. Then editors and reporters could give them big hugs in person.

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