Savage Blasts “Neo-Marxist Media” for Neo-Marxist President
By Don Feder
Wednesday June 17, 2009

On his Monday evening talk show, Michael Savage — one of America’s most popular hosts — articulated an important truth: Barack Obama is a creation of a leftist media, to which we would add: Especially The New York Times.

Savage was commenting on a June 15 Gallup Poll which showed conservatives are now the single largest ideological group in the country.

According to Gallup, five months into the Obama administration — which The Times insists reflects the will of the American people — 40% of Americans call themselves conservatives, 35% moderates, and 21% liberal.

The radio personality, whose national audience exceeds 8 million, then asked the rhetorical question: If a plurality of Americans are conservative, why is there a “neo-Marxist in the White House” who’s successfully implementing a socialist agenda?

The answer, said Savage, is because we have a “neo-Marxist media.” This isn’t name-calling but an accurate assessment of what might be called a partnership in crime — Barack Obama and the mainstream media.

Ask yourself: How did a man with almost no experience in national office go from a junior Senator to president of the United States in less than 4 years — easily the most meteoric rise in political history?

How did a man whose friends include Bill Ayers and Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. (an unrepentant ex-terrorist and a raving racist) manage to brush off scandal that would have sunk any other candidate?

In a nation where conservatives are the largest political group, why does a president who’s moving to socialize large sectors of the U.S. economy (including the auto industry, banking and health care) have an overall approval rating of 60%?

The answer, as Savage correctly and courageously pointed out, is a media that colluded with his presidential campaign and now has become an adjunct of the White House press office.

Since The New York Times sets the agenda for the rest of the “neo-Marxist media,” America’s so-called newspaper of record is the chief culprit here.

Until conservatives acknowledge the fact that The New York Times and company are at war with basic American values — and begin fighting back — a nation with a conservative plurality will continue on a course charted by a neo-Marxist president.

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