Should We Pay for The Times’ Advocacy of Illegal Immigration?
By Don Feder
Monday May 11, 2009

In today’s paper, The New York Times wrings its editorial hands over the plight of “day laborers” on Long Island. Along with “undocumented workers,” “day laborers” is one of the paper’s favorite euphemisms for illegal aliens.

When times were good, there was plenty of work for these salt-of-the-earth, sweat-of-the-brow types, The Times tells us. But now that there’s little construction going on, the “Latino day laborers” are hurting.

“The men have no safety net: no unemployment insurance, no food stamps. They are nobody’s responsibility and nobody pays them much heed …” How sad.

“Nobody’s responsibility”? Try the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS), which is charged with apprehending and evicting those who enter the country illegally.

A safety net for illegal aliens? Provided by whom — the American taxpayer? But many of them are hurting too — unemployed, struggling to make mortgage payments and soon to be burdened by the hyperinflation which will result from massive increases in federal spending.

But The New York Times believes we have a responsibility for those who came here illegally, who exacerbated our crime and drug problems, and who (in better times) took the jobs of Americans.

When they crossed the border illegally, did we promise that there would always be jobs for them? Did we promise to provide them with unemployment insurance, food stamps and health care? The very notion is an affront to reason.

If anyone’s responsible for the present plight of the “day laborers,” it’s The New York Times and other proponents of illegal immigration.

The Times encouraged them to come here. It pushed for lax border security. It condemned efforts to find and deport those here illegally. It promoted an amnesty, which would have drawn millions more, in hopes that they too would one day be “regularized.”

And now, The Times says the people it lured here are our responsibility. Since The New York Times isn’t the government, we are under no obligation to pay for its stupidity.

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