Slime of The Times
By Don Feder
Monday November 3, 2008

In an editorial in today’s paper, The New York Times misrepresents an anti-Obama message, which it claims amounted to “character assassination.”

One of its targets is an e-mailing sent by a group of Pennsylvania Jewish activists to 75,000 Jewish voters in the Keystone state, warning of the dangers of an Obama presidency.

According to The Times, the e-mailing equates “a vote for Barack Obama with the ‘tragic mistake’ of Jews who ignored the warning signs of the Holocaust.” This implies the communication suggested that Obama would somehow facilitate another Holocaust.

It did no such thing. The e-mailing, from a retired Jewish judge and other respected members of the community, commended John McCain as a friend of Israel and a foreign-policy realist who would help to keep Israel safe.

The Holocaust warning was in reference to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who says he wants to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth.”

The communication also noted, again correctly, that Sen. Obama has said Hamas and Hezbollah (Iran’s terrorist allies, who’ve spent decades murdering Jews) have “legitimate claims.”

Worse, the Democratic candidate has offered to meet with the genocidal madmen who run Iran “without precondition.”

That President Obama would endanger the Jewish state with a naïve approach to an enemy pledged to its annihilation, is a reasonable conclusion.

For The New York Times to call this “character assassination” goes beyond hyperbole. In seeking to expose what it terms “the season’s slimiest political messages,” The New York Times itself has slimed a group whose only crime was to tell the truth about the Times’ favorite candidate.

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