NY Times Wants Two Liberal Parties
By Don Feder
Tuesday May 26, 2009

In reporting on the contretemps between former Vice President Dick Cheney and Colin Powell, The New York Times continues its longstanding agenda to get the Republican Party to move to the left.

In yesterday’s paper, The Times reported on Powell’s Sunday appearance on “Face The Nation,” where the former Secretary of State boldly declared “I am still a Republican” (despite having endorsed Barack Obama) and called for an “after-action review” of GOP losses in the last election.

“Mr. Powell’s appearance underlined an extraordinary public struggle among Republicans over the future of the party,” The Times informed us in the hushed tones of revelation.

What struggle? Colin Powell is about as representative of the Republican Party as Ben Stein is of Hollywood.

Powell has never held public office or been a candidate. Whenever the opportunity to run arose, Powell declined. Besides serving in Congress and as Secretary of Defense for Bush ’41, Dick Cheney was vice president for 8 years.

Whatever The Times imagines, the Republican Party has no Colin Powell wing.

The so-called moderate, Northeast Republicans (little liberals) are on the verge of extinction. Where “moderate” Republicans once held the governorships of New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, all are now in Democratic hands.

Since 1976, the only time the GOP has won the White House is with a conservative, or a candidate who could credibly put himself forth as a conservative. John McCain lost because, after 20 years of doing the bidding of The New York Times, he couldn’t plausibly run as a conservative last year. It’s revealing that even McCain wasn’t enough of a “moderate” to suit Powell.

The Times would like to see the Republican Party become a faint echo of the Democrats. It won’t happen. Other than in the liberal media, there is no internal power struggle in the GOP. The fate of Powell’s version of Republicanism was decided decades ago.

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