Times Blames “Harsh Words” For Immigrant’s Murder
By Don Feder
Friday November 14, 2008

The New York Times never misses a chance to smear advocates of immigration reform and border security. An editorial in today’s paper suggests that a local official created an atmosphere that somehow led to the murder of an Ecuadorian.

Last Saturday, Marcello Lucero was stabbed to death by a band of teenagers. The Times couldn’t wait to indict Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, who is alleged to have “parroted extremist talking points.” By the way, anyone who disagrees with The Times, especially on immigration, is automatically an extremist.

The editorial notes that Levy started a national group to lobby for immigration reform, went on the “Lou Dobbs Show” and “tried to deputize county police to make immigration arrests and to rid the county workforce of employees without papers” (Times-speak for illegal aliens).

All are moves that the average American would applaud. But, according to The Times, by seeking a crackdown on border-jumpers, Levy somehow encouraged the murder of Lucero, who was not here illegally.

But illegals are far more likely to commit crimes than to be victims.

In September, 2007 three college-bound teenagers were murdered, execution-style, by two illegal aliens in Newark, N.J. Does The Times think there might be a connection between that horrific crime and the fact that Newark is a “sanctuary city” (a municipality that harbors illegals)? But The Times doesn’t think; it regurgitates leftist clichés.

Every year, illegals commit tens of thousands of murders, rapes, assaults, vehicular homicides, robberies and sundry other offenses. The incidence of crime among them is 50% higher than in the rest of the population.

By intimidating officials who try to enforce our immigration laws, open-border advocates, like the editorialists at The New York Times, facilitate the entry of alien thugs who come here to prey on the innocent.

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