Times Columnist Calls Marriage Advocates Bigots: That’s Rich, Part III
By Don Feder
Wednesday April 22, 2009

Frank Rich, mutant columnist for The New York Times, has a permanent sneer on his face — especially for proponents of traditional marriage.

In a recent column, “The Bigots’ Last Hurrah,” he mocks the supposedly sad, pathetic creatures who have the audacity to stand for Judeo-Christian morality, notwithstanding media censure.

His hook is a YouTube video called “Gathering Storm,” produced by the National Organization for Marriage, which Rich treats as the pro-family equivalent of “Triumph of the Will.”

Just who is Rich calling a “bigot”?  For starters a majority of voters in Oregon (57%), California (53%), Texas (76%) Florida (62%), Michigan (59%), Ohio (62%) and 24 other states which have passed marriage amendments by the ballot — three in the last election.

Whenever Rich writes one of his you’re-a-homophobe- if-you-don’t-support-gay-nuptials screeds, he somehow forgets to mention the fact that state marriage amendments (prohibiting gay marriage) have passed wherever they’ve appeared on the ballot.

Rich touts the few evangelical leaders (Rick Warren) and Republican politicians (Utah Governor Jon Huntsman) who’ve gone over to the dark side — as if this were somehow proof of the irrefutable logic of same-sex marriage.

All it proves is that some public figures don’t have the moral fortitude to stand up for what they believe, and prefer media acclaim to adherence to principles.

What Rich also failed to mention is that much of the support for gay marriage, outside elitist circles, is due to media brainwashing.

Media outlets — especially The New York Times — consistently present one side of the story and refuse to allow any discussion of the inevitable consequences of the deconstruction of marriage. In a recent news story reporting on developments in Iowa and Vermont, The Times actually referred to gay marriage activists as “equal rights advocates.”

By pushing those of us who believe in normality too far, Frank Rich and other elitists may find the eventual response from Middle America somewhat less than amusing. While Rich sneers, we may have the last laugh.

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