Times Columnist Herbert Hates Guns
By Don Feder
Monday April 27, 2009

New York Times op-ed handwringer Bob Herbert is at it again — raving that the “widespread availability of guns” is at the root of America’s “culture soaked in blood.”

Herbert used to assure us that the Second Amendment didn’t guarantee an individual right to gun ownership, until the Supreme Court blew that argument out of the water. In his Saturday column, the freelance criminologist writes of the 12,000 Americans “on average … shot to death” each year.

Citing the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (an unimpeachable source, to be sure), Herbert discloses that, including accidental deaths and suicides, the number rises to 30,000 people “killed over the course of one typical year by guns.” Note, for gun-control nuts like Herbert, people aren’t killed with guns but “by guns” — as if firearms actually had a will of their own.

Let’s accept the columnist’s stats concerning gun deaths. He further informs us that there are “283 million privately owned firearms … out there.”

That means each year, approximately one one-thousandth of one percent (.000106%) of firearms in this country are involved in homicides, suicides and accidental deaths. Add non-lethal violence (including assault and armed robbery) and the total may rise to one one-hundredth of one percent. In other words, all but a miniscule percentage of guns are lawfully used for legitimate purposes.

Herbert’s analysis also assumes that criminals, maniacs and terrorists won’t find a way to get firearms despite the toughest gun laws imaginable.

In drawing up his indictment, Herbert neglects to mention the number of crimes deterred by guns in the hands of vigilant citizens.

Herbert attributes the tragedy of gun deaths not to the availability of drugs, not to a culture that exalts violence (fed by Hollywood), not to boys raised without fathers, but to “gun nuts free to press their crazy case for more and more guns in ever more hands.”

Who’s crazier — the gun nuts or The New York Times writer who refuses to acknowledge reality?

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