Times’ “Conservative” Columnist has Found his Ideal Republican: Obama
By Don Feder
Wednesday May 6, 2009

In an op-ed yesterday, David Brooks — The New York Times’ alleged conservative columnist — claims Republicans’ downward trajectory is due to their devotion to rugged individualism and their neglect of community.

Brooks thinks the GOP is “the party of untrammeled freedom and maximum individual choice.” If it was, it wouldn’t have chosen John McCain as its standard-bearer last year. McCain endorsed the 2008 bailout, co-sponsored the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance fraud (which keeps donors from supporting the candidates of their choice), and championed an amnesty for illegal aliens. Rugged individualists defend their own (including the country they live in). They don’t throw it away to appear enlightened.

Brooks regurgitates the left’s favorite false dichotomy — individualism versus civic society.  Republicans should “begin every day by reminding themselves of the concrete ways people build orderly neighborhoods, and how those neighborhoods bind a nation,” Brooks smugly advises.

If they did, they would work to counter those trends that threaten “Americans’ efforts to build orderly places to raise their kids,” including “the disruption caused by a boom and bust economy; the fragility of the American family; … wild swings in energy costs; the fraying of the health care system” — all of which were caused by community-oriented leftists.

Far from being at odds, individualism and community values compliment each other. Cutting taxes gives the individual more to invest in his community. The fragility of the American family is due to four decades of leftist social experimentation — including no-fault divorce, day care, abortion-on-demand and the Hollywood left pushing an every-man-for-himself ethic.

In an October 17, 2008 column, Brooks gushed about one of the presidential candidates: “He would be untroubled by self-destructive demons or indiscipline. With that cool manner, he would see reality unfiltered. He could gather — already has gathered — some of the smartest minds in public policy, and, untroubled by intellectual insecurity, he could give them free rein.”

It seems The New York Times’ conservative lapdog has found his ideal Republican — Barack Hussein Obama.

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