Times Gaga Over “Gay” Jesus Play
By Don Feder
Friday October 24, 2008

Other than offending Christians, The New York Times’ favorite pastime is mainstreaming homosexuality in the culture. Promoting the play “Corpus Christi” is a twofer.

The Times doesn’t stop with a review published on October 14, but ran background stories about “Corpus Christi” on October 19 and 22. To call The Times’ coverage of this sacrilegious play laudatory would be an understatement.

The play by Terrence McNally depicts Jesus as a homosexual having sex with his apostles. It’s loaded with obscenities and other offensive dialogue, like – Mary to Joseph: “I’m a virgin, Joe.” Joseph: “Nobody knows that better than I do.”

The Times finds the play “fragile,” “heartfelt” and – unbelievably – “a reverent spin on the Jesus story.”

Bill Donohue, of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, says The Times loves “the vile play … not for artistic purposes but for its assault on Catholicism.” The League wonders how the paper would approach a similar play that substituted Martin Luther King for Jesus. What about a play that portrayed Barney Frank living with a male hooker who operated a prostitution ring out of the Congressman’s home?

Also SOP at the Gray Lady, The Times turns “Corpus Christi” into a cause. Thus, protests to the play (when it opened several years ago) were “stark reminders of lingering homophobia.” There it is: You object to a play which portrays Jesus as a sodomite, and you’re the moral equivalent of the men who murdered Matthew Shepard, The Times tells its readers. (Not surprisingly, it mentioned the Shepard case in its October 19 story.)

Once again, the social termites at The New York Times are busy at work tearing down traditional religion and pushing sexual anarchy. For committed Christians to support The New York Times is itself blasphemous.

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