Times Hides Truth about Holocaust Museum Shooting
By Don Feder
Friday June 12, 2009

In a news story in today’s paper on the U.S. Holocaust Museum shooting, The New York Times (typically) omits some significant details.

The article notes that the suspected shooter, James W. von Brunn (who allegedly killed a Museum guard in the attack), was an anti-Semitic, white supremacist and Holocaust-denier who believed the “Jews” were manipulating Barack Obama — the most anti-Israel, pro-Islam president in our history.

Here’s what The Times “forgot” to tell its readers:

  1. Von Brunn was a self-proclaimed national socialist (Nazi) who loathed capitalism, and blamed big corporations for our economic problems. Was he related to Michael Moore?
  2. Besides hating Jews, von Brunn was, not surprisingly, anti-Christian and mocked the teachings of Jesus on his website.
  3. Among the media he hated are FOX News and the conservative The Weekly Standard. The last was reportedly on his list of potential targets.
  4. As Gary Bauer of American Values points out, there is an eerie similarity between the anti-Semitic ravings of von Brunn and the Jew-hatred of Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad.

          The above wasn’t mentioned because it contradicts the media’s carefully crafted image of von Brunn as a “right-wing” extremist.

          The Times’ deceit even extends to its coverage of recent anti-Semitic incidents. In the 12th paragraph of today’s story, it notes, “In mid-May, four men were arrested in the attempted bombing of two Bronx synagogues.” Apparently, The Times considers it irrelevant that all four conspirators are prison converts to Islam.

          Ultimately, which is more of a danger to Jews, here and abroad — a lone, homicidal neo-Nazi; the vicious anti-Semitic  propaganda which permeates the Muslim world; or the Hamas-apologists at The New York Times, who would deconstruct the Jewish State with a Palestinian State? That’s a rhetorical question.

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