Times Selling Snake Oil on Oil Exploration
By Don Feder
Friday November 7, 2008

In an editorial today, The New York Times continues its long-running jihad against domestic energy production.

The Times is “aghast” over the decision of the Bureau of Land Management to open 3 million “pristine acres” of federal land in Utah to oil and gas drilling. For The New York Times, anywhere energy companies want to drill is “pristine” – including the frigid wastes of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

The Times acts as if there’ll be an oil rig every few feet in those 3 million acres. In reality, exploration and development will take place in a miniscule portion of the land. In ANWR, less than 8% of the Reserve’s 19 million acres would be opened. If oil is discovered, less than 2,000 acres would be affected.

The Utah land is “in some of the most beautiful and fragile areas,” The Times whines. It would be hard to justify “this sort of pillage” even if it made a difference, the editorial pleads. But Utah has less than 1% of America’s known oil reserves.

But The Times doesn’t support new drilling anywhere in the United States – not off-shore, not in ANWR, not even on George Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch. The Times should put out its own bumper sticker – “Don’t Drill Here! Don’t Drill Now! Don’t Drill Ever.”

Oh, and did we mention the fact that The New York Times is also opposed to nuclear power?

In March, The Kiplinger Business Resource Center reported that there could be up to 100 billion barrels of oil “locked away in rocks that are buried miles underground” in a field stretching from Montana to Saskatchewan, Canada.

That’s enough to meet America’s energy needs for the next 20 years. Rest assured that when there’s a serious move to develop these reserves, The Times will denounce that too as an unconscionable assault on Montana’s pristine wilderness.

Too bad we can’t burn copies of The New York Times to fuel our cars. But you don’t get energy from toxic waste.

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