Times Sheds Tears for Gaza-Stan
By Don Feder
Wednesday June 3, 2009

Apropos of absolutely nothing, there was a story in last week’s New York Times about how wretched and miserable Gazans are due the Israeli boycott.

Is Gaza in the news? No, but The New York Times has periodic withdrawal symptoms when it isn’t shedding copious tears for its favorite people of the terrorist persuasion.

“Four months after Israel waged a war here to stop Hamas rocket fire and two years after Hamas took full control of this costal strip, Gaza is like an island adrift. Squeezed from without by an Israeli and Egyptian boycott and from within by their Islamist rulers, the 1.5 million people here are cut off from any productivity or hope.”

Aw, poor Gazans — squeezed from without by mean old Israel (which only lets in 100 trucks a day carrying food and medicine) and from within by their “Islamist rulers” (who the Gazans freely elected and continue to passionately support), the denizens of Gaza are clearly hurting.

In this lengthy article, there was a four-word acknowledgement of why Israel fought the terrorists last year — to “stop Hamas rocket fire.” So nice of The Times to admit this.

Since Israel left the Gaza Strip four years ago, its peace-loving residents have fired over 6,700 rockets, missiles and mortars at Israel’s southern cities and towns, killing 10 civilians, wounding more than 780 and traumatizing thousands more.

After the fighting ended (at least on Israel’s part), Israel has been hit by 685 rockets and mortars.

Maybe The Times could enlighten us with an equally heart-wrenching piece on what it’s like to live under siege in Israeli communities like Sderot. That could be combined with an exposé of Hamas’ virulent anti-Semitic indoctrination in Gaza’s classrooms and on television — which encourages acts of terrorism.

But The Times does not believe all suffering is equal. It puts a much higher premium on the misery of Gazans than it does on the plight of Israelis. The former gives it another excuse to agitate for its favorite cause — a Palestinian state.

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