Times Won’t Report That Suspect In Chandra Levy Murder Is An Illegal Alien
By Don Feder
Monday February 23, 2009

An article in the Sunday New York Times notes that authorities are about to make an arrest in the 7-year-old murder case of former Washington intern Chandra Levy. It omitted the most important detail.

The article notes the sensational nature of the case — that then-Congressman Gary Condit admitted he had an affair with Levy, which led to the end of his political career.

The Times reported that D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier contacted Levy’s family on Friday and told them that authorities would be pressing charges in the next few days.

It noted that “law enforcement officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity… identified the suspect as Ingmar Guandique,” who is presently serving a 10-year sentence for attacks on two other women in Washington’s Rock Creek Park, where Levy’s body was found.

The missing detail that The Times thought too trivial to mention? Guandique is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador.

Each year, illegal aliens rape, rob and murder tens-of-thousands of Americans, as well as leaving a trail of carnage on our nation’s highways. The incidence of crime for illegals is 50% higher than it is for the rest of the population. It’s conservatively estimated that 30% of the inmates in the California prison system are illegal aliens.

In a February 1 editorial, The Times warned Republicans that opposing future amnesty proposals and pushing border-enforcement was the path to political extinction.

Apparently, the paper thinks voters are nonchalant about the predators among the hordes who pour over our borders each year.

If we’d started enforcing our immigration laws a decade ago, Chandra Levy would probably be alive today, as would the three college-bound African-American teens who were killed execution-style by two illegal aliens in Newark in September, 2007.

For The New York Times to push kindness for illegal immigrants in its editorials is merely moronic. To leave out a crucial detail in a “news story” about a sensational crime goes beyond stupidity. The Times is guilty of bias in the first degree.

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