Whole Class Reflection

▪ After completing the Four Corner exercise, have students return to their desks.

▪ Students should complete a quick write (one paragraph in length, casual and free-flowing) that encapsulates what they saw, heard, and learned from the activity.

▪ Ticket Out the Door/Questions the Teacher Might Ask Students:
– Have you ever thought about these issues before?
– Did any part of this conversation make you uncomfortable?
– What did you learn about yourself?
– What is one surprising thing that you learned today?
– * I like to use post-it notes for a quick ticket so that students can stick the notes
to the wall on their way out the door; however, teachers may also make actual
tickets for students to fill out.

Prep: Students will need access to the Internet for approximately 25 minutes, so the teacher may want to reserve a lab or a set of computers for the lesson.

▪ Before going to the computer lab, view the following short video titled, “The Science of Character,” by Tiffany Shlain & The Moxie Institute Films (located on YouTube; length: 8:04).

▪ Once in the lab, have students go to the following URL (https://www.viacharacter.org/Survey/Account/Register) and fill out the Character Strength
Survey (see directions for students on next slide). I would suggest that the teacher take the survey first.

* As with all surveys, this is not 100% accurate; however, it will spark interesting conversation and serve as evidence for the final essay.