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The New York Times:

  • Blatantly distorts the news to advance its leftist agenda
  • Promotes an anti-family, pro-big government, anti-faith, anti-American, politically-correct, isolationist ethic.
  • Has spent decades maligning conservatives, sneering at patriotism, denigrating America and undermining Judeo-Christian morality.
  • Habitually violates journalistic ethics – including a duty to be accurate, impartial and balanced in news coverage.

Accuracy in Media has been publicizing and exposing the New York Times’ biased reporting for nearly 40 years. Since the Times continues to publish biased stories, it is time for more aggressive action.


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NY Times Pushes Anti-Chamber Storyline for Resisting Climate Alarmism

Here they go again. Oppose regulating carbon emissions and either the media or the Obama administration is going to come gunning at you. Sometimes both.

Read the article at

Andrew Revkin Spins ‘ClimateGate’ Story

Poor Andrew Revkin can’t help himself. The New York Times reporter and Dot Earth blogger is so intellectually invested in the environmental movement that he simply cannot report bad news about the movement’s extremists without spinning it.
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NYT Union Support Pays Off

The New York Times has long supported both unions and high taxes—but at last, the once-great newspaper is forced to recognize reality: that unions and high taxes are anything but good for business.  On November 12, 2009, the Times announced that it would be moving 25 staffers from the newsroom in New York to The Gainesville Sun’s newsroom in Florida.  Why? Read the rest of the article…

Anonymity: The Times’ Liberal Shield

The abuse of anonymous sources is one of the greatest weaknesses of modern American journalism, and it was on full display this week in a front-page New York Times attack on the security company Blackwater Worldwide.
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NY Times Explains Errors

The New York Times public editor conducted a self examination after seven errors appeared in a single article recently. Read the rest of the article…

NBC’s “The Wanted” Delivers the Goods

NBC aired a highly unusual show on July 20 called The Wanted, which has provoked a storm of controversy over its style, methods and content. Is it journalism, entertainment, infotainment, or To Catch a (Terrorist) Predator? It is, perhaps, a bit of all of the above. But most importantly, and the reasons for all the condemnation, is that it has given rare exposure to the terrorist mentality, it has shown positive benefits stemming from the war in Iraq, and it has highlighted media hypocrisy — especially on the part of the New York Times. Read the rest of the article…

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